Step 1: Getting the correct RSS feed URL

First you need a site which supports RSS feeds which contain direct download links to the nzbs.

Some sites require some parameter to be added to the URL before they work.
Consult the RSS’s site for RSS details and what to add to the URL to make them work (like API key, username and other parameters).

Below a list of most frequently asked Feed sites and most common forgotten URL parameters.
But please: consult the site’s RSS documentation!

Feed site Add to link Type Example
NZBIndex.NL &nzblink=1 Search engine
NZBClub &q=(search query) Search engine &dl=1
Newznab indexer<i_value>&r=<r_value>&dl=1&num=50 &dl=1
Newznab indexer<i_value>&r=<r_value>&dl=1&num=50 &dl=1
Newznab indexer<i_value>&r=<r_value>&dl=1 &dl=1
Newznab indexer<i_value>&r=<r_value> &dl=1
Newznab indexer<i_value>&r=<r_value>&dl=1&num=50 &dl=1
Newznab indexer<i_value>&r=<r_value>&dl=1&num=50 &dl=1
Newznab indexer<i_value>&r=<r_value>&dl=1&num=50
Newznab indexer<i_value>&r=<r_value>&dl=1&num=50

PLEASE NOTE: replace all <ANGLE BRACKET> values (including the brackets) with values provided on your feed’s site, please read the documentation on the feed’s site very carefully.


Step 2: Configuring NZBVortex

Now it’s time to use the above RSS feed url to configure NZBVortex

  1. Open the RSS feeds view in NZBVortex
  2. Press the plus button, bottom left of the feed list
  3. Enter the desired feed name
  4. Open the “Feed” downdown and select Add / Edit Feeds…
  5. Press the plus button
  6. Enter desired name and url
  7. Press “Test feed” to make sure you enter the correct URL
  8. Click Okay

Optional steps


Use filtering to use generic RSS feeds which you filter (highly recommended)

  1. Open Filtering tab
  2. Enter an optional “Include” filter. Feeds will be filtered using this filter.
    Use a space to enter more keywords (AND), add a comma to add an (OR) rule.
    Example: the matrix, big bang
    Will match feed items containing the keywords “the” and “simpsons” or the keywords “big” and “bang”
  3. Enter an optional “Exclude” filter. Feeds matching this filter will be excluded.
    Same space and comma rules of the include filter.
    Example: divx, 1080p
    Excludea all DivX and all 1080p releases.
  4. Enter an optional category filter, some feeds publish a categories for every feed.
    Use same space and comma rules as mentioned in include and exclude filter

TV Shows

Keep track of season and episode downloads, never download double.

  1. Open TV Shows tab
  2. Enable “Keep track of season and episode”
  3. If you want to download improved episodes enable “Download repacks/reposts”
  4. Optionally enable from which season/episode you want to start downloading
  5. Right click season/episode in the grid to change states.

Note 1:

After you have added the feed details NONE of the already available feed items will be downloaded, only new feed items will be processed.
This is by design; otherwise an incorrectly setup RSS feed will cause NZBVortex to downloads 100’s of NZBs after setting up the feed.
Use the “Play” button below if you want to process all the matching feed items which are available during add.

Note 2:
If you untick the checkbox before the feeds name in the feed list it will not update itself.

Step 3: Controlling the buttons

Feeds are updated and new feed items processed every 15 minutes, no user interaction required.
When the RSS feeds view of NZBVortex is open the feeds will not auto update; you are still busy configuring the RSS feeds.
Now lets explain the other buttons on the screen:

  • The minus button next to the plus button: removes the selected feed
  • The “refresh” circular arrow button: update all feeds and processes the new feed items (if you can’t wait 15 minutes)
  • The Play button, this is a special button. There are situations where users want to apply the filter on the already available
    feed items. Pressing the Play button will apply the filters on the already available feed items.
  • Double clicking a feed item in the lower part of the screen will download the selected NZB.
    Handy for manually downloading a desired feed item.

Please contact me if I need to explain more regarding RSS Feeds. The above information is a little basic but I need your help to improve the instruction.