NZBVortex is a real no-nonsence usenet download application. Although I am focussing the application to be as small and efficient as possible I try to add as much handy functionality as possible. As long as the functionality is easy to use and doesn’t need any fanatic configuration.

Small overview of features

  • NZBVortex Cloud: clients share anonymous download state and results
    This will result in quicker spam and junk detection and also quicker downloads and will fix filenames.
  • Multi server / connection / threaded downloading
    Articles are downloaded using multiple threads, optimally using mulitcore processors.
  • Optimized downloading (auto par2 skipping)
    Only required par2 files are downloaded, resu lting in up to 10% smaller downloads.
  • Par and par2 verify and repair
    NZBVortex will verify and repair the downloaded files automatically.
  • Automatic decompressing downloaded files
    If all files are downloaded correctly the (zip/rar) archives are decompressed.
  • Join split files
    Automatic join split files.
  • SmartCheck
    SmartCheck will detect if a par2 is needed or not.It will try to skip the par2 phase if no par2 check is required.
  • RSS feed support
    NZBVortex is able to watch a RSS feed for nzbs and automatic start download. Including a smart episode filter.
  • Cleanup unwanted files
    This feature will cleanup all unwanted files after downloading, expressions customizable.
  • Ability to start postprocessing manually
    Post processing takes a lot of CPU load and disk IO, this option allows you to determine when YOU are ready.
  • Seperate download and Complete folder
    Create a seperate folder for completed downloads so you really can see what is done and what is not.
  • Shutdown when all downloads are completed
    When enabled NZBvortex is able to put your Mac to sleep when all downloads are finished.
  • NZB watch folder
    When enabled this option enabled NZBVortex will monitor a folder for new NZB files and
    start downloading by automatic adding found NZBs.
  • Skip Sample files (option)
    NZBVortex is able to skip sample files from NZB.
    This will reduce the total download size for some movies.
  • Automatic cleanup files
    If all files are downloaded correctly and all is processed well the unwanted files are automatically cleaned up.
  • Simple but clear Native OSX UI (Cocoa)
    NZBVortex doesn’t use any crossplatform gui library or weird webserver to host the UI.
    This application is as native as an application on OSX can be!
  • Low HDD usage / Great SSD support
    A special memory cache has beed added to prevent “disk trashing” and lowering disk IO.
    Most useful for SSD users. Nice side effect is that storing data is done on a separate thread and not slowing down your downloads!
  • Supports SSL servers
    Security if everthing, worries about your privacy? Use SSL newsservers on NZBVortex!
  • Zipped NZB support
    Extract and add nzbs contained in a ZIP file, handy for large nzb downloads.
  • Download Throttling/Limiting
    This option will allow you to limit the download speed, reserving some network speed for any other applications like games.
  • Growl support
    Like Growl as much as I do? Growl will display any notifications!
  • Sparkle auto update
    We all hate to hunt for updates that’s why NZBVortex will auto-update itself.
    No more hunting for new versions!


Need more?

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