Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)

I downloaded the latest version from this site and now it mentiones my trial has expired
You have purchased NZBVortex from the Mac App Store, you can not install the version from this site on top of the version you got from the Mac App Store. Never manually update the Mac App Store version by downloading the client from this site; wait for the update to appear in the Mac App Store. Mac App Store updates are always later because of Apple’s review process, we can’t change that. Reviews can take up to a few weeks. More information regarding average review times here. Please delete NZBVortex and download again from the Mac App Store.


Mac App Store version is older then the one on your site, how do I update?
You will have to wait for the update to appear in the Mac App Store, never use NZBVortex from the site to update the one you got from the Mac App Store. Mac App Store are always later because of Apple’s review process. Reviews can take up to a few weeks. More information regarding average review times here. NZBVortex downloaded from the site and the one available in the Mac App Store use two completely different license models.


Can I tranfer my license from Mac App Store to Site license or visa-versa?
Sadly: no, we do not offer this service. We can’t verify or manipulate individual licenses sold via the Mac App Store. Apple does not allow us to.


My download speeds are <1KB/s or a download mentiones it is too damaged
This is not a bug in NZBVortex – the download is not available on your server anymore but NZBVortex tries to get the data anyways.
A lot of downloads are being taken down by their copyright owners (DMCA takedown and notice). Try another NZB. Keep in mind: the data is not on your server: it’s not a bug.


Only one NZB and file is downloading at the same time, what’s up with that?
NZBVortex is optimized for multiple servers and connections, we use them all optimally. The connections are used in parallel to make sure the data is being downloaded as fast as possible. To minimize disk I/O, limit the disk space usage during download and get optimal network speeds te connections work on article level not on file level. A NZB is compiled of multiple files. One file is a compiled set of articles. All the articles of all files of the nzb are put in a big heap and being processed by all the servers’ connections. Server connections only knows the concept of articles, it just start on top of the heap and download multiple articles at the same time. This is a way more efficient approuch compared to one connection per file. Trust us: we have this covered!


My downloads never start, I am new to using Usenet
In short; you need to configure a Usenet Server in NZBVortex preferences. Your Internet Provider might provide you with one, but most of the time those are of very bad quality. Please consider getting a paid usenet account; search Google for “usenet providers“. Make sure you watch for the highest possible “retention”.
More details how to use Usenet:


My download speeds are low
First of all; NZBVortex has been optimed for extreme high and low connection speeds. There is no speed limit in NZBVortex and no known bugs regarding speeds.
Please try the following steps first:

  • NZBVortex reports speeds in kilo- and megabytes
    Your internet connection is most likely expressed in kilo or megabits. If you multiply your speed reported NZBVortex by 8 you get kilobits or megabits.
    i.e. NZBVortex reports 256KB/s, this is equivalent to 2048Kb/s (mind the lowercase b) which 2 megabit/s.
  • Disable speed limit in NZBVortex (turtle buttom right should not be blue)
  • Disable Scheduler (clock icon on toolbar should not be blue)
  • Make sure you entered the correct number of connections in server preferences, you can not choose that number yourself!
    Higher is most definitely not always better! Choose at max the number of connections your account supports. Ask your usenet provider!
  • You can’t share the account details between multiple clients on the same or a different computer
    Please close any other application which uses your usenet account
  • Other download applications like bittorrent, gnutella or even a browser downloads will take a part of your max download speed.
  • Try a more recent NZB, older NZBs might be harder to get from usenet
  • Are there Application Updates running?
  • Please remove server from server settings and set it up again
  • If all above doesn’t work try a clean installation


Adding a NZB takes a long time and uses a lot of CPU
Please quit (not close, real quit) Mozille Firefox and try again. Mozilla Firefox messes up the usage of the internal database we use (sqlite) for some users, sporadically.
It’s not a bug in NZBVortex but one in Mozilla Firefox, you might want to try to start from a clean profile in Firefox.


NZBVortex keeps asking for download location during start using symbolic links
The current sandbox does not support symbolic links for download, completed or watch folder. Please configure these folders to real folders/drives instead.


I see connections sporadically go to zero and see an yellow exclamation mark
NZBVortex has a out-of-memory protection which is rather strict, if the memory usage is too high it will limit the download speed temporarily to allow NZBVortex to save unsaved data. On very high speed connections this might cause the limiter to kick in too early. The solution is to set the maximum memory usage for unsaved data higher. For very high speed connections use the following command in terminal after you have quit nzbvortex.
defaults write com.NZBVortex.NZBVortex UsenetEngineSettings -dict-add WriteCacheUpperLimitSize -int 500