Mac App Store version is limited

Apple made us remove multiple features of the Mac App Store version.
The Mac App Store version is missing the following functionality:

  1. Track TV shows via RSS feeds
  2. Auto mount of external or network drives
  3. Detecting and starting VLC media player
  4. Auto sleep/shutdown system

Migrate Mac App Store license

License migrate only works if you bought version 3 in the Mac App Store

Please migrate the limited Mac App Store license to the full functional site license for free! Please use the below steps to migrate your license:

  1. Install and open the Mac App Store version via the Mac App Store
  2. Quit the application.
  3. Download NZBVortex from the downloads page.
  4. Install NZBVortex from the downloaded DMG file
  5. Open the just downloaded site version of the app
  6. Success: Your license will be migrated automatically.

Please contact us if you need any additional support.


  1. Quit all instances of NZBVortex
  2. Open Finder
  3. Press CMD-Shift-G
  4. Enter: ~/Library/Containers/com.VortexApps.NZBVortex3/Data/Library/Application Support/NZBVortex 3/
  5. Delete _MASReceipt
  6. Follow above mentioned migrate steps

Old Helper Application solution

In the past we created an Helper application for added some functionality back the application which is not allowed anymore.

The Helper application can still be downloaded here and will still add functionality 2 and up from the above list.