Legal note

NZBVortex is a usenet utility, not a sharing community nor a indexer/search engine. We do not share content on usenet.
VortexApps, creator of NZBVortex, does not promote the use of NZBVortex to download illegal content from usenet.

NZBvortex does not keep an index nor does it keep a database with (links to) content. Like web-browsers have search engines integrated; NZBVortex is also equipped with integrated 3rd party usenet search engines.

The application queries 3rd party search engines and returns the search results. The results are not stored on our servers nor on the end-user’s computer. The search engines are not affilitiated with VortexApps in any way.

DMCA take down and notice

VortexApps is as transparant and cooperative as possible regarding DMCA take down and notices. We will help copyright holders to get them in contact with the usenet search engines who link their content so they can start the take down and notice procedure.

Please send the take down and notices to respective search engine:



If we can be of any assistence at all please contact us at
We will try to get you in contact with the search engine.