NZBVortex Helper Application

We think your security is very important as well does Apple. All applications in the Mac App Store are required to be in a so-called security sandbox which greatly improves security of your computer.

There are a few features which we can’t implement in the Mac App Store version because of this security sandbox. We have introduced a fully optional Helper Application for NZBVortex which performs some functionality which are not part of NZBVortex from the Mac App Store.
This allows us to “sandbox” NZBVortex and make it really secure.

    Features provided by the Helper Application

  • Prevent Sleep while downloading
  • Sleep/Shutdown Mac on queue complete
  • Video Preview
  • Auto remount network or external drives
  • Detect if a NZB file is still in use


Please install the NZBVortex Helper Application to make NZBVortex fully functional.
Follow the below instructions to install the Helper Application.




Step 1: Download NZBVortex Helper Application Installer

The first step is to download the Helper Application Installer using the link below.

Download NZBVortex Helper Application Installer



Step 2: Double click the downloaded DMG file

This should open the DMG file and the “NZBVortex Helper Installer” application should appear.



Step 3: Double click “NZBVortex Helper Installer”

Start the NZBVortex Helper Installer by double clicking it, which will install the “NZBVortex Helper Application”.



Step 4: Verify NZBVortex location and click Install

Click “Install”, you should get a confirmation that the helper application is installed correctly.




Please contact me at if you need any support at all.